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yuxi government cloud data center

◆Our company is adhering to the principle of market and publicity of the municipal government, under the correct leadership of the management committee, with the strong support of yuxi municipal commission of industry and information technology, to cooperate with yuxi high-tech zone investment and development co., LTD., the technical consultant of yuxi government cloud data center, and the operation and maintenance side. Yuxi government cloud service data center covers an area of 4130.4 square meters and a total construction area of 12457.98 square meters. A total of 12 IT machine rooms are set up, including 8 low-density machine rooms and 4 high-density machine rooms. Set up 1000 standard server cabinets, which can accommodate 10,000 servers and reach 350PB storage capacity.

◆Yuxi the cloud data center on October 30, 2017, pass the Uptime Institute organization level of T3 (Tier III) design certification. On May 10, 2018, it passed the T3 (Tier III) construction level certification organized by Uptime Institute and became the first data center in China to pass double certification.

◆The international Uptime Institute is a leading global research and consulting organization dedicated to the safe and stable operation of data centers. It is headquartered in the United States and has members covering most of the world's large data centers. Uptime Tier certification is the world's most famous and authoritative data center usability certification. The higher the certification level of the association, the higher the maturity of the data center, the more secure and stable the service can be provided. Tier design level III certification requirements of all the physical infrastructure has scheduled maintenance/maintenance, shall not affect the data center of business operation, with certification, allows users to obtain more high quality IT services, and to the international standards of sustainability, security, and system availability for support.

◆Now it has carried the big data of yunnan traditional Chinese medicine, the third phase project of yunnan provincial health and family planning commission, yuxi daily, yunnan tobacco science institute, yunnan science and technology department, etc. Signed with the municipal government guarantee services including government, medical, health, public security and other services.