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address:2 / f, no. 22, nanxiang road, hongta district, yuxi city, yunnan province

Company profile

◆ Yuxi high-tech zone investment and development co., ltd. and yunnan landian science and technology co., ltd. are registered and state-owned holding companies.
◆ Yuxi rongjian information technology co., ltd. was registered in June 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.
◆ Company uphold the "to provide clients with the best comprehensive technical services, create greater business platform for partners" concept.
◆ With exquisite technical advantage, professional talent strength, strong team support, modern management as the core, the scientific and standardized management of the enterprise, to build the "service, leading technology, talents" lead core competitiveness.

The business scope

1.Data center construction technology consulting service and project management service.
2.Data center infrastructure certification services.
3.Data center's entire life cycle operation maintenance management.
4.Cloud computing platform, cloud computing application, cloud computing service.
5.Internet Information Management Advisory Service
6.Computer network engineering.
7.Computer hardware and software development and sales.
8.Computer system integration and integrated wiring.
9.Industrial automation system equipment design, installation services.
10.Safety engineering design, construction and maintenance.

Company Qualifications


Amazing Team

Talents come from diligence,and knowledge is gained by accumulation.

GuoTao         ATD engineer

LiYang         ATS engineer

ChenXin      AOS engineer

LiQuan         Project director

DengXiaoBing      Project director

KongYuanYu      Computer engineer

PuChunLong      Electrical engineer

LiBingHua      Hvac engineer

Technology Advantage


◆Excellent team with rich experience in data center construction and management.

◆We have the UPtime Institute certified data center design engineers ATD and running engineer ATS.

◆By my company responsible for the technical consulting, project management of yuxi the cloud data center through the UPtime Institute organization Tier Ⅲ TCDD, TCCF level certification, become the first certified by double data centers in the country.